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Welcome to Animal Crossing
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~*Welcome to Animal Crossing*~

This is a Role Play community for fans of the Nintendo game, Animal Crossing! A game that's played in real time, where you create your own town and make sure everything runs smoothly.

~Towns- This community will be set up at first so that there are four towns, if you'd like to contribute name ideas, those are open as of right now. Please make them appropriate, and e-mail or IM the moderator (mellysandshrew) with your ideas.
-Animal- We will only be needing one of each of the default animal characters. As of right now, we will not be taking any fan-made animal characters, but we may take them later as more spots fill up. The animals are free to move from town to town as they wish, but if you are to move, please e-mail or IM the moderator so that they may place your character in the different town listing. Please check to make sure the character you're applying for is not taken before sending an application.

-Island Animals- If you want to apply for an island animal, you may only apply for one per person.

-Every Town characters- It was a bit tricky to work out a system for these, but the characters that run the pattern shop, mail center, etc, there will only be one of; likewise, there will only be Nookingtons, police office and so on. However, they're not set in any one specific town, so the citizens of each town are free to go to them as they please.

-Human- There can be up to four humans per town, and moving to a different town is not an option. Obviously, all human characters are fan-based, so please send an accurate description of your human character with your application.

-Special event characters- Characters who exist in the Animal Crossing game such as Gracie, Gulliver, Redd, Katrina and Sahara are not up for application. They will remain NCPs, so you can feel free to incorporate them into discussions however you wish. It makes it easier for you to make interesting posts this way, you see.


~As of right now, since there are so many open spots, you are allowed to role play up to two characters, but only if I think you'll be able to handle it.

~Please respect the other players outside of role plays.

~Make a LJ for your character, please. If needed, you may ask for help from the admin.

~Post your journals as if you are the character posting in a diary. Example: Today I went to see Cookie and she told me to go find Cupcake to deliver a package that had bees in it!

~To ensure you read the rules, when you e-mail me your application, put 'Shop at Nookington's' in the subject line.

~To apply, e-mail the admin as MellySandshrew@gmail.com with your name, age, and a sample of your writing. If you'd prefer, we can arrange for a role play session to determine your writing skills.


Click here for a list of characters and towns!